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France Information
The Branch Office is the easiest corporate form to use in France. In order to keep tax consequences at a minimum, it is highly advisable to set up the branch office for coordination and promotion purposes only, so that no purchases or sales are conducted by the branch office without prior authorization from the non French company.

Information required for formation:
- Name of branch office (a double search for the name must be performed in both the Trademarks Division and at the Companies and Commercial Identity Division of the National Industrial Property.)

- Two copies certified by the Manager as conforming to the original, of the current Articles of Association or By-Laws with a sworn translation of the same into French.

- Two copies, certified by the Manager as conforming to the original, of the minutes of the decision of the Board of the company to open a branch office in France and of the resolution approving the appointment of the Manager, and stating his/her name with a sworn translation into French.

- Original copy of the commercial lease or of the property title, or of any other document relating to the office space where the branch shall be located.

- An affidavit in French signed by the Manager in which it is declared that the Manager has the right to trade and be the legal representative of the company.

- Photocopy of passport of the Manager.

- Power of attorney signed by the Manager, empowering the local agent to file the registration documents with the appropriate Trade and Companies Registry.

Important points:
If the manager is not an E.U. citizen, a Foreign Trader Permit will be required.
It is similar to a green card in the United States.

The branch office must file two copies of audited annual accounts every two years. These must be certified by the Manager as conforming to the original and with a sworn translation in French.

The total fees including all government fees (but exclusive of the translation of the Corporate Documents of the Parent Company into French which should be in the area of $550), should total $3,000.

Approximately one month.
Our Service Package includes:
Corporate Health Check
Plus Disbursements
Registration of a Foreign Branch
Approximate Cost for drafting and preparation of the required documents, including necessary formalities and filing of same with Registry.Translation Fees are not included.
Sub Total: 3550
NOTE: Disbursements and out-of-pocket expenses are NOT included.

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Due Diligence:

IBCF adheres to the generally accepted principles of DUE DILIGENCE. We will require full contact information for the principal including copy of the passport or other picture identification and personal recommendation from a bank, attorney or accountant. Professional clients acquiring companies for resale must make assurances that they have similar due diligence guidelines in place and will not knowingly be part of any illegal activity.


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