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International Business Company Formation, Inc. (IBCF) was founded in 1998 on the premise that legal professionals and business entities needed a partner to facilitate international corporate service work.

Since 1998, IBCF has assisted law firms, tax professionals, corporations and other service companies with a wide variety of corporate services including, but not limited to, entity formations, registered agent/registered office, document retrievals and apostille/legalization services in all 50 states, US Territories and international jurisdictions. Through our vast network of international resources, IBCF is able to offer clients bespoke and competitively priced corporate service solutions. With our experience over the past 25 years we have simplified the intricacies of domestic and international corporate transactions.

In 2016, we introduced International Business Company Formation UK Ltd. Our expansion focused on fostering the special business relationship between the US and UK, in addition to acting as a gateway to new opportunities in the UK, the EU, Asia and beyond.

Our expansion did not stop with our UK Office, in 2017 IBCF launched Worldwide Due Diligence. This new division of IBCF assists legal and tax professionals, corporations and service companies with various forms of due diligence checks available on entities and individuals around the world.

Following Brexit in 2021, IBCF saw an opportunity to still have a foothold in the United Kingdom and in the European Union and introduced IBCF Europe Ltd. Located in Paris, France, IBCF Europe Ltd. is intended to facilitate a smooth flow of corporate work between companies around the world and the EU, while also focusing on the special relationship between the new United Kingdom and the European Union.

We understand that all requests are not created equal and the dedicated staff at IBCF is ready to help you manage your multi-state and international transactions more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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