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Entity Formations and Foreign Registrations

The British Virgin Islands continues to be a favorable jurisdiction for the formation of an offshore entity. An offshore entity in the BVI is exempt from local income tax and many have used this type of vehicle for estate planning while still offering a private location to house holding companies.

Although the International Business Companies Act (Amendment) 2003 requires all IBC’s to maintain and file with the BVI Financial Services Commission a Register of Directors, there are minimal statutory requirements. An International Business Company is not required to appoint a Corporate Secretary, there are no local director requirements and there is no paid in capital requirement. In addition, the required filing of the Register of Directors is not publicly available, but only kept on record for internal purposes by the Registrar of Companies.

An IBC, or offshore entity, in the BVI can be established in as little as 3-5 business days with filing evidence to include a Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, First Minutes, Appointment of First Directors and confirmation of filing of the Registered of Directors.

Our dedicated Registered Office located on the island of Tortola is an active regulated entity with the BVI Financial Services Commission offering clients with the security that we provide a reputable address for the receipt of Service of Process and any corporate registry correspondence.

Registered Agent/Registered Office

For additional information about this service, speak with a corporate specialist directly at +1 845 398 0900 or complete the contact form and a corporate specialist will contact you shortly.

Document Retrievals (i.e Good Standing, Certified Copy)

We can provide clients with Good Standing Certificates issued directly by the BVI Financial Services Commission, Registrar of Corporate Affairs in either electronic or physical format in as little as 24 hours. In addition, our office can assist with obtaining Certified Copies of publicly available documents for third party use.

Where our office acts as the Registered Office for the company, we can provide Certificates of Incumbency confirming the public and internal details of the company, signed by the Registered Office.


The BVI is party to The Hague Convention allowing any registry certified or notarized document the ability to be Apostilled for use in a country also party to the Hague. For countries that require further certification at the nearest Consulate of Embassy, IBCF can handle it all!

Due Diligence Searches (i.e Lien, Judgment, Bankruptcy)

IBCF is able to offer various due diligence checks on entities in the BVI for many international transactions.

A company search can be conducted at the Financial Services Commission for information which can include, but not limited to, Company Name, Company Registration number, Registered Address, Company Type, plus much more.

A search for registered charges with Financial Services Commission in the BVI can be provided. The search for charges would be the most equivalent to a UCC search in the United States. Since registrable charges created by a company will need to be registered with the Registrar of Companies, a search may be conducted on the relevant companies.

Outside of registrable charges and through our network of resources, IBCF is also able to offer litigation and judgment searches at the courts in the BVI.

Bankruptcy searches can also be conducted on entities, and these search reports will provide information on any bankruptcy (or insolvency) proceedings that may be available.


Doing business in a foreign jurisdiction is time consuming enough, let alone the corporate governance and reporting that goes with it.

Partnering with IBCF as your single point of contact can assure you that your critical corporate compliance requirements are handled in a timely, expeditious and cost conscious manner.

An overview of our corporate compliance offerings include:

• Manage yearly jurisdictional compliance requirements and information
• Preparation and filing of statutory filings with corporate registry
• Maintenance of corporate information on compliance specific platform
• Due date tracking capabilities
• Maintain company shareholders and minutes
• Prepare board and/or shareholder resolutions
• Prepare and file audit documents related to corporate changes
• Prepare and file director, officer and shareholder changes
• Prepare meeting documents
• Registered Agent/Registered Office
*Availability of Services are subject to change

For additional information and pricing about our corporate compliance offerings, please contact us and a compliance specialist will contact you shortly.

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