IBCF has long standing relationships with multilingual international corporate counsel in China, who work closely with a network of local document retrieval specialists and expert translators adept at navigating the local terrain.

China is an ever growing market. According to the World Bank Guide, since initiating market reforms in 1978, China has shifted from a centrally-planned to a market-based economy and has experienced rapid economic and social development. GDP growth has averaged nearly 10 percent a year—the fastest sustained expansion by a major economy in history—and has lifted more than 800 million people out of poverty. Let IBCF simplify the process and have you doing business in China in no time!

IBCF Services inChina

Entity Formations and Foreign Registrations

The most popular Chinese entities for international investors are the Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) and the Representative Office (RO). WOFE is a legal entity in China and can take the form of a Limited Liability Company or a Company Limited by Shares.  While a Representative Office is not a legal entity in China it can be used to represent the foreign parent company.  An RO may conduct activities such as preliminary market research to help determine if China is a good market for the parent company.

Registered Agent/Registered Office

For additional information about this service, speak with a corporate specialist directly at +1 845 398 0900 or complete the contact form and a corporate specialist will contact you shortly.

Document Retrievals (i.e Good Standing, Certified Copy)

IBCF can obtain certified extracts, also referred to as a Company Data Sheet, from the Local Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau with which the entity is registered.  Most extracts are issued as hard copies but some local registry now issue electronically. While the documents will be in Mandarin, IBCF can provide official or plain translations upon request. Due to translation variations, IBCF requires the name and address of the entity in Mandarin exactly as it is registered with the corporate registry in China.


IBCF has local experts in major cities, with extensive experience processing legalizations from international consulates. IBCF can manage the entire legalization process from obtaining the documents to legalizations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on to their legalization at the consulate of the recipient jurisdiction.

Due Diligence Searches (i.e Lien, Judgment, Bankruptcy)

While much information pertaining to secured transactions are not accessible for searching, IBCF handles each request as a new and fresh inquiry. Laws are always changing and we understand that each request can have different outcomes.


Doing business in a foreign jurisdiction is time consuming enough, let alone the corporate governance and reporting that goes with it.

Partnering with IBCF as your single point of contact can assure you that your critical corporate compliance requirements are handled in a timely, expeditious and cost conscious manner.

An overview of our corporate compliance offerings include:

• Manage yearly jurisdictional compliance requirements and information
• Preparation and filing of statutory filings with corporate registry
• Maintenance of corporate information on compliance specific platform
• Due date tracking capabilities
• Maintain company shareholders and minutes
• Prepare board and/or shareholder resolutions
• Prepare and file audit documents related to corporate changes
• Prepare and file director, officer and shareholder changes
• Prepare meeting documents
• Registered Agent/Registered Office
*Availability of Services are subject to change

For additional information and pricing about our corporate compliance offerings, please contact us and a compliance specialist will contact you shortly.

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