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While many may joke that the United States and the United Kingdom are divided by a common language, there is no doubt that the similar business cultures and British openness to “doing business” make the UK the ideal springboard for US companies looking to expand overseas. With the shifting politics of Brexit now a reality, the US-UK trading relationship will most likely become stronger than ever in the coming years, as the UK looks to establish itself as an independent yet dominant economic force.

While the future of the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union remains uncertain, there is no doubt that the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada will remain important trade partners for the foreseeable future. Let the London-based IBCF corporate specialists guide you through the intricacies of doing business in the UK and beyond.

IBCF Services in United Kingdom

Entity Formations and Foreign Registrations

Forming a limited company in the United Kingdom is straightforward and inexpensive. If a company elects to use standard articles of association the whole process can generally be completed in 1 to 2 business days, once due diligence checks have been completed. More complex share structures and limited partnerships are also available and relatively inexpensive, especially compared to other European jurisdictions, and there is generally no minimum share capital.

Registered Agent/Registered Office

In the United Kingdom a registered office is mandatory and will be the location where statutory documents from Companies House and HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) are sent. It is the registered office, not the trading address, that must by law appear on all company communication. IBCF can arrange for registered office representation in cities such as London, Cardiff and Edinburgh. Additionally our statutory compliance service includes company secretarial services, which allow our office to act on your behalf while submitting documents such as Confirmation Statements (the UK equivalent of an annual return) and changes of company directorship.

Document Retrievals (i.e Good Standing, Certified Copy)

Thanks to the centralized and efficient Companies House central registry we can obtain Certificates of Good Standing and certified copies of on an expedited basis, usually by the next business day (if not same-day!)


IBCF has personnel on the ground and extensive experience obtaining apostilles and legalizations from international consulates throughout London. The Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London is also the gateway for legalizing documents from overseas territories such as the Cayman Islands—IBCF can manage the entire legalization process from obtaining the documents at the registry of an overseas territory through to apostilles at the FCO, on to be legalized at the consulate of the recipient jurisdiction.

Due Diligence Searches (i.e Lien, Judgment, Bankruptcy)

We also provide lien searches (called a search for registered charges), judgment searches (called a CCJ search) and credit reports for companies and individuals in the United Kingdom.


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