Ireland – Is it the right fit for your company following BREXIT?

Following Brexit, Ireland remains among the best countries in the world to do business for many reasons, mainly because they are English speaking and a member of the Eurozone and EU.
In the coming weeks and months there will likely be many companies wishing to obtain, remain or begin a business in Europe. We would like to remind you that we can assist you and your clients in this matter.Ireland has an excellent image as a reputable corporate domicile. Irish registered companies are an attractive proposition to foreign investors for international tax planning purposes.
Irish company formation should be given serious consideration for foreign business people seeking a more tax efficient corporate tax base. Many international corporations have consolidated their global interests under a single Irish holding company, taking into consideration the benefits of Irish company formation and relocating to Ireland.
Reasons to set up an Irish Limited Company
-Low Irish corporate tax rate of 12.5%
-Limited Liability for Irish limited company
-Greater ability to raise finance by the issue of shares and also under the Business Expansion Scheme
-Ownership of the enterprise can be spread over a greater number of people
-There may be a greater degree of business credibility of trading through an Irish limited company
Further benefits and advantages for setting up an Irish Limited Company
-Over 1,000 multnationals with their head offices located in Ireland
-Free access to European EU markets
-Young workforce with a high percentage of graduates
-Ireland is the only English speaking member state in the EU Eurozone (Ireland is a participating member of the Economic and Monetary Union and has the Euro as its currency)

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