Mexican Timeshares, am i getting scammed?

You bought the dream of a time share in sunny Mexico – sandy beaches, waving palm trees, warm climate and friendly people.


Maybe the pandemic has made you re-think your purchase.  Maybe you got an offer that seems too good to refuse.


Have you been contacted by a company in Mexico offering to buy your timeshare? Are you skeptical of the offer? You should be! There are a lot of sophisticated, unscrupulous scammers seeking to take advantage of time share owners.


Check, Check, and Check Again


To be sure if a company is making a legitimate offer, be sure to check:

  1. The company should be legally registered in Mexico, have a Mexican tax ID (RFC) and an address in Mexico. Any company offering to buy your timeshare should provide this information and evidence to you without question. IBCF verify if the information provided is legitimate.
  2. The company should provide a sample sales/purchase contract to review.
  3. The company should provide references or testimonials.
  4. A legitimate company will provide written information on your obligations and theirs under any potential sales contract.
  5. Do not pay any money up front.
  6. Do not sign anything until a Mexican real estate attorney has reviewed the contract.


Please contact IBCF if you have been contacted by a company and you would like us to check the registration information provided.  IBCF works with real estate attorneys in Mexico who can provide legal advice and assistance through the time share selling process.

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