3 Reasons to hire a Professional Registered Agent

Not sure what a Registered Agent is or do you find yourself asking why should I use a professional registered agent?

A Company must list a registered agent when forming and/or qualifying an entity with the Secretary of State’s office. The registered agent, also referred to as a resident agent, must have a physical address (a PO Box will not be accepted) within the state the entity is conducting business. The function of the registered agent is to accept and forward legal service of process.

The registered agent can be an individual or a company authorized to conduct business within the state. Just remember, a company cannot act as its own registered agent.

But why should you hire a professional registered agent? Here are 3 Reasons why you should hire a professional registered agent.

In some cases, it provides a level of privacy. As a small business owner, you may not want to have your personal address listed as public record. With a professional Registered Agent, this information is already public knowledge. Any legal papers would be professionally delivered to you and you won’t have to worry about process servers showing up disturbing family time or delivering during your business operations in front of clients.

It’s a requirement. Maintaining a Registered Agent is a requirement to keep your status with the Secretary of State’s office. In addition to maintaining an active registered agent, registered agent providers such as IBCF can file State annual reports on your behalf.  Professional providers will also keep copies of corporate documents (or can obtain Certified Copies) in the event the originals are lost or mis-placed.

It provides versatility. You may want to expand your business into additional states, but you don’t a physical address. Professional Registered Agent providers, such as IBCF, have a physical address to use in every state. Additionally, if your business operates outside of the traditional 9-5 business operation hours, you can rely on a professional service provider to accept any legal papers on your behalf during these hours.

Disclaimer: any information taken from this blog should not be taken as legal and/or tax advice.

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