Business Licenses

Business Licenses

From research to renewals, IBCF’s worldwide business license services leaves no stone unturned. We know more than anyone that business licenses are one of the most crucial components to a business’s daily operation and overall success.

From VAT registrations in Europe, alcohol licenses in the United States, Armed Security Licenses in the Middle East and everything in between, IBCF’s experience and capabilities can help you too!

For starters, we do offer a license research package. Why spend hundreds, or maybe thousands of dollars, applying for licenses that you may not need or that may not be relevant to your business operations. We take care of the research to confirm what exactly is needed. In the United States, this research confirms licenses that may be needed on a local, state and federal level based on your business and the industry you operate in.

Our International research is very similar. All over the world, countries have different laws and requirements. While we do have capabilities to search in any country you may be doing business in, we ask you inquire with us and our corporate specialists can advise on your specific request.

This cost effective research can save you from spending unnecessary amounts of money!

If you want to bypass the research, or take the advice of the research, we can prepare and file for the licenses that are needed. We understand how important business licenses are, and therefore, quick turnaround times are our guarantee.

But what about renewing the business licenses to make sure I can still operate? Great question! Whether the license renews on a yearly basis, or once every few years, we have systems in place to make sure your licenses remain in good standing, and don’t stop your daily operations or put your business in legal danger!

To learn more about our business license services, contact us today and our experienced staff will help you with your business license

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