Company Formation

Company Formation

United States Formations

Some states offer same day registrations. Whatever the time frame you can rest assured that IBCF will process your order as expeditiously as possible.

Qualify to Do Business in 1 or all 50 States!

In the US, a company created in another country or state must qualify, also known as filing an Application for Authority to do Business, in the state in which it is “doing business.” The definition of “doing business” varies but, in general, maintaining an office and/or employees in a given state will be considered to be “doing business.” Mere sales into a given state generally does not constitute doing business.

Do you need to qualify in a foreign state?

If so, IBCF can help you, whichever method you prefer, to register in the most painless and cost-effective way possible. Qualification generally will require the completion of the Application for Authority to do Business accompanied by either a Certificate of Good Standing (Certified extract from the Trade Register in many jurisdictions) or certified copies of the formation documents (state requirements vary.)

A multi-state qualification project can be an extremely burdensome and time-consuming task diverting your staff from other equally-critical needs. At IBCF, we can manage your project from beginning to end – qualifying in 1 or in all 50 states simultaneously. Our fees are extremely cost-effective and after one simple information gathering session, we can move forward from there and keep you posted of our progress as your filings become effective in the various states.

Are you a non US person looking to form a US business? Please read our dedicated article on company formation for non US residents for more information.

United Kingdom Formations

Visit our UK page for more information but once all due diligence is received, a UK limited company is usually up and running within 2 business days.

International Formations

Formation of an entity in a jurisdiction with which you are unfamiliar is always a time-consuming and onerous task. At IBCF, we have worked with local Counsel in many jurisdictions for years so they are acutely aware of your needs and the demands of your clients. They are sensitive to time pressures and billing constraints and will work with us to meet your most compelling requirements.

From France’s Societe a responsabilite limitee (SARL) to Spain’s Sociedad Anonima (SA), we can help! Please see our jurisdiction pages for country specific information. If the jurisdiction you need is not on our list, we can still assist. Our reach is global! Contact us with the jurisdiction and services you have in mind.

Once your entity is up and running, we can serve as your registered agent in the all 50 US states and territories, the United Kingdom and globally!

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